Welcome to Laser-marking.uk We are a Northamptonshire based CNC machine shop that has an in-house desktop Trotec Promarker 300 Galvo laser marking machine. This laser is able to mark and engrave directly onto materials like steels and plastics. CO2 Bed lasers are not able to provide a permanent laser mark onto metals. Galve Fibre Lasers can. These fibre lasers are very expensive compared to CO2 lasers, and not many machine shops choose to spend their income on a machine like this, opting to outsource their laser marking requirements. Being a Northamptonshire based CNC machine shop, we are asked many times to manufacture and laser mark special car racing components, hence the decision to invest in this Trotec Promarker 300 Fibre laser marking machine. If you have any laser marking or engraving needs, please do not hesitate to contact us

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